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Be sure to consider in which direction the blinds will move apart, so that it is convenient for you and does not interfere with opening the window. The horizontal blinds go up, driven by a cord fixed to the drum; Vertical blinds can be opened in several ways – from left to right or from right to left. In addition, the cornice can be divided to control each part of the blinds separately.

Blinds on the windows of non-standard form (arched, triangular, etc.) require careful design – this job is better to instruct a specialist.

Horizontal or vertical?

In part this is a matter of aesthetics. Traditionally, it has been argued that horizontal blinds (ie those with lamellae arranged horizontally) are associated, rather, with the interior of office or production spaces, while vertical ones are more acceptable in residential buildings. However, these days this division is already irrelevant due to a rich assortment of materials and colors. With the use of the good korean blinds you will have a perfect option now.

In terms of operation, vertical blinds are more convenient to operate, less deformed from wind and heating. Horizontal blinds, as a rule, are cheaper, although they are more demanding of external conditions.

The design of horizontal blinds consists of a metal eaves and brackets to which it is attached, and a swivel mechanism. The blinds are raised and lowered using a cord, and the lamella turn by the control knob (some models use a different cord or chain for this). The standard width of the lamellas is 16, 25 and 50 mm.

Many girls and women are interested in: is jaundice contagious? If you carefully read the article, you probably answered this question for yourself, if not, then we will help you. So, if jaundice is not a disease, but only a symptom of some disease, then by the logic of things it is clear that jaundice itself is not contagious. If we talk about the diseases that cause jaundice, in some cases there are diseases that are still contagious.


How jaundice is transmitted

Most often jaundice is a sign of “unwashed hands” and infected products that we use. One of the most common causes of jaundice is hepatitis A, which can be found in water or on unwashed fruits and vegetables. Some are good at  jaundice home treatment also.

Can I get jaundice? – Yes! Jaundice can be infected, but only one that occurs with hepatitis A or Botkin’s disease. Infection can occur with a kiss or if you take food from one dish with a person with hepatitis A. The hepatitis A virus can persist in water for about 3 months. Most often because of hepatitis A jaundice, children become infected, as they are difficult to force to adhere to the rules of personal hygiene, the most common reason for the appearance of jaundice is the eating of food with dirty hands. This of course applies to adults, but to a lesser extent. In other cases, the diseases caused by jaundice are not transmitted from person to person.

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