Find the Right Furniture Items for Your Child Now

There is a lot to look at when setting up a nursery. Besides a place to sleep, she also has to offer space to play, do crafts, do homework and so much more. Tips, inspiration and great ideas for decorating the nursery can be found here.

Divide The Children’s Room Into Zones

You should see the nursery as a multipurpose room where your child will perform many different activities. The best way to achieve this is to divide the room into different zones. You can divide this into a play zone, a study zone, a drawing corner and a cozy seating area. By working with different zones it is easier to keep the order and you can make clear agreements about cleaning up the room. To gain extra space you can also buy multifunctional furniture such as the following cot with extendable desk by Gautier.

Storage Space You Never Have Enough!

Sufficient storage space is indispensable in the nursery. There are different ways to store rubbish. Wicker baskets, fitted wardrobes, shelves that are covered with curtains or transparent storage boxes are just a few examples. A cupboard that only the parents can use can also be very practical to store the sensitive items.To finish the whole you can also provide some shelves for photo frames, trophies and fun memories.

Curtains In The Nursery

The sun protection of the children’s room does not require much attention. Washable materials such as PVC are preferred, but dust is also perfectly possible. Try to avoid long and draping curtains to avoid accidents. If your child can put on the curtains, you can fix them with velcro. This prevents the entire curtain rod from falling down. Read more about this in the article ‘ Curtains for the nursery: Tips & inspiration ‘.

Give The Walls A Creative Touch

The walls in the nursery may be more striking than the rest of the house. If you do not feel like painting, you can also decorate the room with stickers, wallpaper, wall drawings or large photos. In case of the children room decoration this is a very important option for you now.

Also chalkboard or whiteboard paint makes for a lot of fun in the nursery. Your child can be creative and it gives the nursery a unique look. Are you afraid your children will develop the habit of writing on every wall, you can also paint the walls with magnetic paint.

Child-Friendly Furniture

If you want to buy new furniture, you should look for child-friendly and safe furniture. Avoid blunt corners and check if they are stable and can take a beating. Children are also very creative. In this way they quickly learn that in addition to paper, you can also color furniture with pens and chalk. Washable furniture is definitely recommended!
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