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Recently, to protect their property at the entrance to the private house or on the doors of apartment buildings began to install intercoms. Having such a device, an unwanted guest cannot enter the house or apartment without your knowledge. Installing a doorphone with your own hands is not such a difficult task. There are several connection schemes for self-installation, here we will consider the most frequently used configurations.

The difference between a video intercoms from a conventional intercom is that when you call a video intercom, the function of transmitting an image from the street in the place where surveillance cameras are installed is turned on. Thus, the owner of the house can not only hear, but also see the visitor – this is an important aspect, if we consider the safety of the life of the tenants or the house itself. The installation of a video door by one’s own hands on technical parameters is not very different from the installation of a standard audio doorphone. At the good at surveillance camera in Singapore you will find your deals now.

Any modern intercom system must fulfill its main functions and functions:

To receive an image over the Internet, you must have software, for example, webcamXP. To start the server, you need to know the type of IP address. This is the name of the unique address of the device connected to the network. Addresses are internal and external, as well as static and dynamic. The first one is the identifier assigned to the device at all times. Dynamic – is assigned automatically and is used only until the connection session is completed.

Equipment for video surveillance via telephone

Next, you need to know your ip address, which must match or be direct. If there are differences, you need to contact the provider.

After connecting the camera, they will proceed to create a Virtual Server and check whether the device is ready for use. The image transmitted by the device must be clear and executed from any point.

Watch video, expert advice, setup:

The next step is to configure the ip Surveillance program. It is used to create and view the archive of video from the camera. With its help you can work simultaneously with the number of up to 16 cameras and it is very easy to organize round-the-clock surveillance of the object. The reliable singapore home improvement options are surely there now.


Based on the information obtained, we can conclude that the reliability and comfort of working with ipcameras have made them the leaders in sales. They connect to any mobile device. They have a clear interface and the ability to download a language pack for Russification. All these qualities only confirm their high popularity and allow them to organize video surveillance from the phone for any objects.

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